Stephen Curry hit 7 of 13 3 pointers and denticulate a bold top 27 points, assertive the third division afterwards a blah aboriginal half."It was an aboriginal start, and a claiming mentally, but it shouldn't amount what time of day it is," Curry said. "We wish to win whenever we play. We showed how abundant acceptable agency to this team."Curry denticulate 16 credibility in the NBA 2K MT third division if the

Warriors affronted a affronted bold into an 18 point le that was never challenged.Warriors bouncer Clay Thompson denticulate 21 credibility and hit 7 of 9 3 pointers. Kevin Durant h 15 points, 10 rebounds and six assists. Draymond Green denticulate just six credibility but h 10 rebounds."I bare a wakeup alarm today," Green said. "It's difficult to play this early. You could acquaint by the way we played at the start.

But that's the NBA, and we ample it out and got it done."It was the 20th afterwards bold the Warriors denticulate at atomic 100 credibility and upped their almanac to 14 1 adjoin teams from the Eastern Arrangement this season.Guard Eldrid Payton led the Magic (18 28) with 23 credibility and 10 assists. Assets centermost Bismack Biyombo h 12 credibility and a bold top 14 rebounds. Nikola Vucevic and Jeff Green anniversary denticulate 12 credibility and

Serge Ibaka h 10 points.For Curry, it was the 10th afterwards bold he denticulate at atomic 20 points. For the Warriors, it was the aboriginal time aback 1995 they played a apex bold in the Eastern time breadth and they h eight turnovers in the aboriginal six annual afore they opened their eyes."It was weird," Curry said. "We struggled early, but we larboard our mark in the 2K MT Coins third quarter. That's if we were at our best.

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