While James was chastising himself, Oklahoma City-limits ablaze Russell Westbrook was pointing fingers at others namely the referees afterwards he was ejected in the third analysis of the Thunder's 114 80 blow to the Grizzlies in Memphis.Westbrook was tossed with 6:41 actual in the aeon afterwards acrimonious up two quick abstruse fouls for arguing with admiral over whether the attack alarm should acquire been displace for Madden Coins the Grizzlies."

Honestly, it's crazy, man," Westbrook said. "Especially to be ejected like that if I didn't do nothing. It was just crazy... because I feel like I don't get the anniversary of the agnosticism a lot of of the time."I get so abounding techs for just talking. I can't even say annihilation if I'm accepting formed every time I go to the abuse basket," he said.Before his avenue Westbrook h 21 points, 5 rebounds and aught assists.

He aswell h six turnovers.He was the Thunder's le ing scorer, but it was a beneath than absorbing carbon bandage for a amateur who is averaging a amateur bifold (31.7 points, 10.9 assists, 10.6 rebounds) this season.The Grizzlies were ahe 78 61 entering the fourth analysis and led by as abounding as 37 afore it was over adjoin a Thunder aggregation that angry the brawl over 19 times and denticulate 27 credibility beneath their analysis average.Spanish big man Marc

Gasol led the Grizzlies with 25 points. Troy Daniels ded 22 and Zach Randolph chipped in 21.Daniels' addition Buy Madden Coins included six three pointers, 5 of them in the endure three anniversary of the game. Suns abruptness Raptors In Phoenix, Eric Bledsoe denticulate 22 credibility with Buy Madden Coins 10 assists and Devin Booker ded 19 credibility as the Suns downed the Toronto Raptors 99 91.Forward P.J. Tucker h 14 credibility and centermost

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