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Welcome to firefreaks.co.uk the ultimate online fire community.

  You have just arrived at the no.1 site for all things fiery! Whether you are looking for people passionate about Poi, students of the Fire Staff, dabblers with Diablo, juggling something juicy, or any other type of circus style art for that matter, you have come to the right place.

Firefreaks is the ultimate online fire community for like-minded folk that love spinning fire. Some of us do it for the art and some of us for the challenge, but whatever the reason we all get a thrill out of taming a force as old as time it’s self.

Firefreaks offers the ultimate place for meeting new people, sharing tips n tricks and product reviews in our forum. Finding out about the latest events in your area, to selling your equipment and services in our classified marketplace. You can even order paraffin delivered direct to your door and see your new range of T-shirts and clothing.

And of course the site wouldn’t be complete without a mind blowing gallery showing video clips of some of our many fire friends doing what they do best, as well as a selection of
stills photographs that not only inspire and amaze, but show just how beautiful playing with fire can be.

Unlimited access to all these features and many more is available to our members, so if you haven’t registered already, why the not? Oh and before you answer that, did we mention that registering is free.

And as for those of you who arrived by accident or just have a burning curiosity to see what exactly a Firefreak is?  Well, why don’t you have a little look around before you go! You never know, you may just find something that could change your life forever!

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